Holiday Tops!!!

On Monday December 23,2013 students will be able to wear holiday tops. Sweaters, polo shirts, button-down shirts are considered tops. Only green, red, black, and white tops are to be worn. Students must wear their uniform pants if they wish to participate. In addition, students do not have to wear uniform shirts if they decide to wear a holiday top. Tutorial leaders will keep track of students who participate in their tutorial. Please dress appropriately.


Special Thanks!!!

We would like to give a special thanks to all who participated in the activities in Spirit Week. The amount of students and staff that participated in Spirit Week was tremendous. We hope that everyone enjoyed the activities. Again, thank you for participating in Spirit Week!

-Student Government

Twin Day


1) Students/staff choose a partner to be their twin. The partners agree to dress identically in appropriate casual clothing on Twin Day.
2) On Twin Day, both partners must check in at the sign-in station before 8:20 AM and get their picture taken by Student Government. STUDENTS ARRIVING AFTER 8:20 WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS PARTICIPATING.
3) At the check-in, student government will check the names of the participating members off a list of each tutorial.
4) Student government will distribute the list to tutorial leaders so that they can check to be sure no one is trying to violate the dress code without a twin.
5) Students who do not have a twin must come to school dressed in the regular school uniform
6) “Dressed identically” means that partners should wear similar colors and styles of clothes. (Examples: Clothes could have a similar message, or be from the same designer.) Student government officers at the check-in will determine if partners are sufficiently similar.”
7) More than two students can agree to match, so there can be triplets, quadruplets, etc.

The Riddler (Riddle to a locker activity)

1)  Tutorial leaders will receive a riddle before 8:25. The activity will end at 9:04.  

2)​  The riddles that tutorials receive will be the same as all the other tutorials on their floor.  Every floor of the school will have different riddles.  There is one hidden locker on each floor. Tutorials are not allowed to claim the hidden lockers on a floor that is not their own.

3)​  Students inside tutorials will work together to solve multiple riddles. The first set of riddles has three parts: the first riddle reveals the location of a hidden locker. The next two riddles will reveal the first two parts of the combination to the lock on the hidden locker.

4)​  If a tutorial thinks they have solved all three parts of the riddle, the tutorial may call down to the principal’s office to verify the answers.

5)​  If the answer is correct, the tutorial will be directed to send two representatives to the principal’s office with the hall pass to receive the last part of the locker combination and a special hall pass to go to the locker.

6)  With this information the two representatives should go to the locker and open the lock.

7)​  When the locker is opened, the two tutorial members will find instructions on how their tutorial should go about claiming their victory.

8) Once the tutorial claims their victory, the contest will be over for said floor (2nd, 3rd , 4th , or 5th floor).

9)  When the Final riddle is solved, the tutorials that won will be announced and will receive a catered breakfast courtesy of Dr. Dunkley. A maximum of 4 tutorials can win (1 on each participating floor of the school).


Pajama Day

1) On Pajama Day (November 26, 2013), students and staff will be permitted to wear pajamas.
2) Students and staff may wear shirts to match their pajamas.
3) All pajamas and shirts must be appropriate. The rules for appropriate casual attire apply.
4) Appropriate pajamas include flannel pajamas, sweat pajamas, footie pajamas, or appropriate themed character/design pajamas.
5) Bathrobes may be worn if they are worn OVER APPROPRIATE PAJAMAS.
6) All students who participate in Pajama day will be recorded by their tutorial leader to earn points for their class.
7) Students who are not wearing pajamas according to these rules must follow the regular Parkway dress code.


1) On Retro-Wednesday, Students and staff will be permitted to wear Retro clothing. Retro –Wednesday will be held on November 27, 2013.
2) Retro clothes must reflect the style of a decade before the 2000s OR reflect an event, person, place, or artwork from before the 2000s. (All rules on appropriate attire apply.)
3) Alternately, students and staff may choose to dress up as a famous person from before the 2000s. (All rules on appropriate attire apply.)
4) In tutorial, tutorial leaders will give name tags to each participating student. The student must write the decade that they are representing on the name tag and wear the name tag all day.
5) If the tutorial leader has questions about the decade being represented, the student must explain how their clothing reflects the decade. If the tutorial leader is not satisfied with the explanation, the student will not receive a name tag and will not be counted as participating.
6) All students who participate in Retro Day will be recorded by their tutorial leader to earn points for their class.
7) Students who are not wearing retro clothing according to these rules must follow the regular Parkway dress code.
8) Student government will walk around to all tutorials during tutorial in order to judge who is the best dressed.


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