Twin Day


1) Students/staff choose a partner to be their twin. The partners agree to dress identically in appropriate casual clothing on Twin Day.
2) On Twin Day, both partners must check in at the sign-in station before 8:20 AM and get their picture taken by Student Government. STUDENTS ARRIVING AFTER 8:20 WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS PARTICIPATING.
3) At the check-in, student government will check the names of the participating members off a list of each tutorial.
4) Student government will distribute the list to tutorial leaders so that they can check to be sure no one is trying to violate the dress code without a twin.
5) Students who do not have a twin must come to school dressed in the regular school uniform
6) “Dressed identically” means that partners should wear similar colors and styles of clothes. (Examples: Clothes could have a similar message, or be from the same designer.) Student government officers at the check-in will determine if partners are sufficiently similar.”
7) More than two students can agree to match, so there can be triplets, quadruplets, etc.