1) On Retro-Wednesday, Students and staff will be permitted to wear Retro clothing. Retro –Wednesday will be held on November 27, 2013.
2) Retro clothes must reflect the style of a decade before the 2000s OR reflect an event, person, place, or artwork from before the 2000s. (All rules on appropriate attire apply.)
3) Alternately, students and staff may choose to dress up as a famous person from before the 2000s. (All rules on appropriate attire apply.)
4) In tutorial, tutorial leaders will give name tags to each participating student. The student must write the decade that they are representing on the name tag and wear the name tag all day.
5) If the tutorial leader has questions about the decade being represented, the student must explain how their clothing reflects the decade. If the tutorial leader is not satisfied with the explanation, the student will not receive a name tag and will not be counted as participating.
6) All students who participate in Retro Day will be recorded by their tutorial leader to earn points for their class.
7) Students who are not wearing retro clothing according to these rules must follow the regular Parkway dress code.
8) Student government will walk around to all tutorials during tutorial in order to judge who is the best dressed.